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A new job, a new city!

And within the first two weeks I already realized that London is different from other cities. Very international and somehow magnetic to people with non-conventional lifestyles.

When I am reading books on Business Models, the Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, Social Innovation or Unreasonable People on the Tube, people look me and smile (knowingly?). The other day I was waiting at the doctor and somebody just randomly approached me to tell me that he is opening a social business on healthy food. Universities in the UK were amongst the first to offer Masters Programs on Social Entrepreneurship.

In the next months and years I will have some time to get to know London’s Social Business Scene.

My new job at edge.

My next moves in London.

Stay tuned.

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Some Saturday morning magic in Nairobi

Sometimes I’m asked why Nairobi. It’s these Saturday morning things: An old muslim mzee cycling by, a massai dressed in colourful blankets, a rasta sitting on the bus next to a woman with a church headscarf. A stranger taking a boy on his lap because there’s no free seat, adolescent writers telling the interviewer on radio that they write life advice books to inspire people who feel challenges to not waste their lives on drugs.
People are so expressive and human