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Hell’s Kitchen in Marafa

I had been longing to see this geological site. But I had no idea what a magnificent experience it was going to be!

The place can easily be traced on Google Maps. It’s around 45 minutes on smooth empty tarmac from Malindi, 40km through coastal landscape with majestic baobab trees, a few speed bumps and just enough light bends to keep you awake.

On arrival you pay a small community charge and decide if you want a guide or not. These are local community members who are available to take you round and may tell you the myths and legends ☺️

You can scramble around the “kitchen” for an hour or two, then enjoy the evening light and sunset.

There are also some traditional huts to see and a small local restaurant.

Quite interesting to see how the huts are built from sticks and grass

Ideal arrival time: 4pm
Avoid during the high sun, because it gets really hot and the colours don’t come out just as beautifully.
Carry some water!

I was told that because of risk of flooding, you can’t walk down during the rain season.

PS: Please have all your papers in order for the police (outbound) and military (inbound) stops at Sabaki Bridge.

PPS: The other parts of this coast off-road-trip


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