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Kigali to Nairobi via Fort Portal (Western Uganda)

My month in Rwanda is coming to an end. Beautiful riding and new friendships. I enjoy Kigali’s bars and cafes with views across the many hills. But Nairobi is calling. I want to use the back route and explore Western Uganda, avoiding the main highway. […]

Rusizi & Nyungwe escapades

What’s the plan for the weekend? We have to extend our temporary bike import permits. They were only valid for two weeks. This can be done at any customs office of Rwanda Revenue Authority. Now, we’re around 100km in any direction from the next office. […]

Up and down Lake Kivu

This month I’m working from my friend’s house at Lake Kivu. Over the weekends, we wish to explore the beauty of Western Rwanda together on two wheels! Havana and I rode to Kibuye, Karongi district from Nairobi. You can read all about the 1373km trip […]

Lake Kivu Roadtrip

My biker pal’s job moved her to Lake Kivu in Western Rwanda. She had brought her clothes and favorite coffee mug with her by plane, but life was not complete. She was raving about the incredible roads, beautiful scenery and amazing riding once Mugabe would […]

Mt. Kasigau and Taita Wildlife Conservancy

Over lunch in Mariakani I ponder over the map: Whereto next? With least possible tarmac? I had earlier plotted a bush route to Mwatate from Kwale. Maybe I could do part of it still this afternoon? Not too much of course considering this is wildlife […]

Tsavo East Ovanaita from Malindi

There’s two places I’ve been wanting to ride to from Malindi. Yesterday I visited Hell’s Kitchen – an incredible experience! The other desire was exploring the Tsavo East area – well knowing I can’t enter or ride through the national park by motorbike. But I […]

Hell’s Kitchen in Marafa

I had been longing to see this geological site. But I had no idea what a magnificent experience it was going to be! The place can easily be traced on Google Maps. It’s around 45 minutes on smooth empty tarmac from Malindi, 40km through coastal […]

The Scenic Route to Voi

Today I took the scenic route to Voi. Total 482km: From the Western Bypass via Ngong, Isinya, Mashuru, then past Kili and the 70 clicks of dirt to Taveta. Besides scenery and some interesting rough surface I wanted piece of mind for my Friday. The […]

Losting around Lake Turkana – Western shore to Todonyang (Part 1)

My bike, tent, a book and me. I plan to fall off the grid completely for my January leave. A TZ roadtrip to Lake Tanganyika sounds amazing until I read up on our neighbor’s rain seasons. Maybe I explore the greenery of Western Kenya instead?  […]

Night ride to Naks

I get extremely delayed that day and leave my house at 6:35pm. The plan was to sleep at Lake Bogoria but reaching there is now impossible. I could still make it to Naivasha! For various reasons I cannot delay this ride (get the Turkana trip […]

Christmas in the Wild

Christmas time. A wilderness trip it was supposed to be. Seeing if it’s true that where goats can go, a bike can go. Camping at a cliff somewhere in Kajiado. But December just wasn’t Decembering. Torrential rain for 10 days. Was our off-road camping adventure […]

Loiyangalani, finally!

The Eastern shore of Lake Turkana has fascinated me for long. The many conversations with riders about their South Horr and Loiyangalani adventures had caused some major FOMO and my curiosity was through the roof after my recent Lodwar/Eliye (blog here) and Samburu (Mt. Ololokwe) […]

Samburu ride: Stargazing on Mt Ololokwe

Have you seen those pictures of bikers posing next to Mt. Ololokwe, the table mountain of Samburu? I’ve been wanting to climb this mountain for years. Hiking, riding and swimming is a triathlon I’d sign up for. “Archer’s Post” just rolls off your tongue in […]

Turkana Roadtrip

In all these years I’ve never been to Northern Kenya. The idea of watching the sunset by the beach along Lake Turkana and riding through desert is so enticing! Between Turkana and Marsabit I decide to do the former, hoping it’s the easier and safer […]

7-day roadtrip through Taita Taveta and Makueni

To help contain Corona, we have really contained our love for travel in the last 5 months! Confident in my social distancing skills, I was ready for an adventure and to see a new part of the country for my birthday leave and settled on […]

Dartmoor get-away

I spent a few days in the South West of England, in Devonshire. Just me, my bike and my rain jacket 😉 Very recommended in this area: The book ’50 Hikes across Devon’, a lunch at the Warren House Inn, the Youth Hostel in Bellever […]


In July I attended the wedding of my friends near Stockholm and took the opportunity to see the city and meet old friends. Here are the pictures of my trip through the city and its surroundings. My first impression was that there’s a lot of […]

4 relaxing days on Menorca

Together with my friend Caroline I went on a long weekend trip to Menorca. As the spring season had just started, we were nearly alone in the hotel, the beaches, the car parks… Instant relaxation! We enjoyed the history, amazing food and landscape. Colour code […]

A day with mum and the Seven Sisters

My mum visited for Easter and with another friend we visited England’s south coast. Three German ladies out in the wild. A lovely day on the cliffs imagining life on the south downs with lots of sheep before electricity and piped water.

Yucatan Roadtrip

Together with two of my colleagues I spend a few days in Yucatan, Mexico. One Mexican, a Brazilian and a German girl driving around to experience the beautiful landscape, learn about pre-Colombian culture Maya and relax with sun and good food. It was a great […]

Chicago… and love!

A work trip to the US. Immediately upon arrival there’s a slight refreshing difference to the UK. Instead of signs saying “Don’t offend our staff. We’ll press for the highest charges!”, we can read “Our pledge to the visitors”. Welcome to the new world! My […]

Midnight sun

A weekend in Tromso. Sunlight from morning ’til… well morning!


Hiking in Colombia – Leadership Encounter

Today I went hiking in Colombia – just two hours drive from Bogota you can find wonderful nature! Laguna verde (“green lake”) was the destination. After getting out of the car, we walked through a high altitude plateau (3300-3700 m) with rare plants, the beautiful […]

Scotland – West Highland Way

A week of walking in rough and beautiful nature… Last week I hiked the West Highlands Way in Scotland. The famous Lochs, the foggy valleys, volcanic hills, the food and culture. A great time off from London and its buzz! Preparations: The Way is a […]

Kent Coast

The moment when you realize how long you have not seen the sea!

Chilworth Cementary – “Live is for living”

So I just took this random guess on google “Hike near London” and ended up on a website for “Surrey Hills”, downloaded the first hike and went…. after some weeks in London it felt great to get some fresh air! One of the inscriptions on […]